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Trevor Noah – USA

Trevor is a popular South African comedian, usually referred to as “the funny man” and popularly known for drawing his humor from the events of the South Africa apartheid. Trevor is also known to not write his jokes or even sketch it as some other comedians do. He does his jokes spontaneously and this makes a lot of difference. He generates humor from whatever he feels is suitable for the situation and audience at that moment..

Trevor has joined the list of trending names in the international comedy sphere and contributes to “The Daily Show” which had its first debut on Dec 4th, 2014. He is the first South African stand-up comedian to appear on “The Tonight Show”, and currently the funniest and most streamed comedian from the continent.

Mark Angel Comedy – Lagos, Nigeria

Mark Angel is a Nigerian comedian, scriptwriter, and video producer who oddly doesn’t have as much clout back home as he has loyal fans abroad… Wild right?

With over 5.7 million subscribers and more than 1 BILLION views on his 200+ videos, Mark Angel is technically the biggest YouTuber out of Africa.

He is best known for the Mark Angel Comedy series on YouTube, often featuring child comedians such as his 9-year-old niece, Emmanuella Samuel, and her sister, “Aunty” Success Madubuike (age 5 as of 2019). 

Mark Angel’s YouTube channel was the first ever African comedy channel to reach one million subscribers… A Whole MILLION.

After leaving university, he spent some time in Nigeria gaining experience in cinematography and theater. In 2013, he began independent filmmaking under the name, Mechanic Pictures, having been unable to find stable work in Nigeria’s film industry, Nollywood.

Ay – Lagos, Nigeria

Ayodeji Makun also known as AY is a widely successful comedian, actor, producer and creative director of The AY Live Show. Ay is also the brains behind popular Nigerian comedy movies, 30 Days in Atlanta, 10 Days in Sun City and A Trip to Jamaica. 

Before his appearance in the limelight, he worked as personal assistant to Nigerian pioneer stand up comedian, Alibaba.

Ay gained fame through impersonating Rev. Chris Okotie and his hilarious jokes, and by 2006, when he began; he was named the Best Up-coming Comedian in Nigeria. The gifted comedian also holds an enviable record of being the first student to direct a convocation production in the history of Theatre Arts Department of the Delta State University, Abraka, which is where he graduated in 2003.

Amongst his other creative engagements, AY has served as a guest columnist with The Sun Newspapers and Gbenga Adeyinka’s monthly comedy journal, Laffmataz. The multi-talented comedian has also become the ‘father’ to many upcoming and established acts that are doing well in the comedy industry.

Basketmouth – Lagos, Nigeria

Basketmouth whose real name is Bright Okpocha is a leading artist in the Nigerian comedy industry. He gave comedy a try in his school days at the University of Benin, but you won’t believe that his first stand-up comedy was a disaster because the crowd got irritated and booed him off the stage. Later that year in 1999, he came back after a series of research on what brand of comedy could sell in the University, that was the beginning of Basketmouth’s inception and acceptance into the world of stand-up comedy.

Basketmouth has since hosted multiple concerts across the globe including Basketmouth’s Uncensored Live at the O2, Nigerians Kings of Comedy and The African Kings of Comedy. He also hosted Comedy Central presents in South Africa, Lord of the Ribs. 

He currently produces several comedy series and sitcoms like The Secret of Lulu, Mambo and Boniface, and My Flatmates.

Basketmouth was the first African comedian to host a one-man comedy concert at the HMB Hammersmith Apollo in 2010.

Daniel Churchill Ndambuki – Nairobi, Kenya

Daniel Ndambuki better known as Daniel Churchill, is best known for his TV show “Churchill Raw,” which nurtures young and upcoming Kenyan comedians. 

Daniel has worked in the comedy industry since 1996, now an Icon of Kenyan comedy and has over time become a household name. He has nurtured and created his own characteristic brand of stand-up comedy. Churchill has cracked many Kenyan ribs with his “clean”, family-friendly shows. CNN recently classified him as one of Africa’s funniest comedians.

Churchill became the first Kenyan to hit 1,000,000 likes on Facebook, by now he has garnered a fan base of over 2,000,000 subscribers on Facebook, the highest of any individual celebrity in Kenya. 

Daniel Churchill is also the CEO of his company Laugh Industry Kenya.

Michael Blackson – USA

Michael is a Ghanaian comedian who is well known for his dry jokes which are always good enough to make his audience reeling in laughter. He got his inspiration from the comedy of Eddie Murphy. 

In 1992, he had his first stint with comedy gigs when he began performing at local Philadelphia clubs. With time, he participated in well-known competitions, such as the ‘1993 Schlitz Malt Liquor Comedy Tour’ in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, and the ‘1996 Urban Comedy Festival’ in New York City. During the 2000s, he participated in famous comedy competitions such as the ‘Laffapolooza Comedy Festival’ in Atlanta and the ‘Bay Area Black Comedy Competition’ in Oakland. He considers comedians Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, and Bernie Mac to be the biggest influences on his choice of career.

Michael Blackson has performed in many well known comedy competitions such as the USA Comedy Central Tour, the Schlitz Malt Liquor Comedy Tour, Pennsylvania and the Urban Comedy Festival.

Bovi – Lagos, Nigeria

Bovi is a Nigerian comedian people love so well. He began his career starring in the sitcom “Extended Family”, which he produced, wrote and packaged. The show was very popular and by 2008, he was leading comedy shows and events throughout Nigeria. Sometime down the years, he participated in “Nite of a 1000 Laughs” organized by Opa Williams.

Bovi has gradually earned himself fame and recognition through individual achievements and also by attaching himself to other popular comedians on stage. He is closely associated with the wave-making “Akpos” jokes.

Eric Omondi – Nairobi, Kenya

One of the most common faces on Kenyan Television, Eric Omondi is a comedian and an activist who does not like to be called an entertainer. “ I am a doctor, I treat illnesses like stress”, once said the hilarious Omondi in an interview with a local newspaper. 

The comedian made his breakthrough when he appeared on Kenya’s well known TV show, The Churchill show. It was there that Eric became a household name and a comedy power force in the region, even performing at big events such as the African Kings of Comedy Festival in Nigeria.

He is the first Kenyan to be hosted on the Tonight Show hosted by Jimmy Fallone.

Anne Kansiime – Kampala, Uganda

Referred to by many as the “Queen of Africa Comedy”,  Anne Kansiime is a Ugandan comedienne, entertainer and actress. The continent fell in love with Kansiime through the internet with videos of her great exploits. Her series, Minibuzz where she made fun of Ugandans’ experience in daily public transport, redefined the meaning of viral and Kansiime became a household name.

Her stand-up shows have sold out arenas and auditoriums in major cities including London, Kuala Lumpur, Lilongwe, Gaborone and Harare. With more than 15 million views online Anne continues to entertain people across the continent through her online videos and stand up shows.

Akpororo – Lagos, Nigeria

Akpororo‘s journey to comedic greatness was a long and winding one. But it lead to his destiny. Against his wish, situations forced him to attempt Comedy Competition in hopes for a Career breakthrough.

It was at Basketmouth’s Laff and Jam in Ikoyi. He did a joke about the testimony of a mad man in church. And at the end of his performance, he gave testimonies about how from that day on, he began getting serious, high paying, globe- trotting bookings.

Outside comedy. Akpororo is also a fine Gospel musician. He coordinates a mass choir called “Ojo Mass Choir”. 

There’s also some good actor in Akpororo. He has featured in Comedy Films like ‘Head Gone’.  His jokes portray him as some ‘MAD’ Comedian, but on the inside of this ‘MAD’ dude is an inspirational figure. When that part of him hits you.

Even though he started the comic business in 2008, the Delta State-born humour merchant has no doubt surpassed most of his colleagues that were there before him. The surprising thing about this outstanding act is the obvious transformation he has gained since he got his first breakthrough in 2010.

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