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Top 10 Trending African Comedians

Broda Shaggi

While many Nigerian comedians were just making funny skits to keep their fans happy and engaged, Samuel Animashaun whose stage name is Broda Shaggi, came through with a totally different concept. He started his online comedy with a series of hilarious questions and answers section with Aunty Shaggi.

Broda Shaggi isn’t just a good comedian but also a great singer who already has hit singles like “Ori” and “Pariwo”, everywhere on the internet.

Sam Spedy

Samuel Oluwafemi Asubiojo also known as SamSpedy, is a super talented comedian who was raised in Abuja, Nigeria. He pokes fun at African culture on his platforms. As one of the best and trending Nigerian comedians, who have a lot of followers on social media, he acts both as OJO and Mama OJO.

Lasisi Elenu

Using a Snapchat filter to take over Instagram, the angry man might just be deserving of a gift of appreciation from the Snapchat CEO for giving him something to gloat to Zuckerberg over. Nosa Afolabi with stage name Lasisi Elenu went a different way with his act and did become a hit among users.

His rants are hilarious and while the filter does add the element of visual hilarity to it, it still holds up when done with a regular face as shown by his bookings for live stand-up comedy shows in the country. The angry man, without a doubt, is certainly one of the best Nigerian Instagram comedians.

If Lasisi isn’t angry and ranting about Brother Segun, then he is playing the role of Mama Itohen, or Sugar Daddy “Zaddy”,  or the role of “Sinzu money”, the yahoo boy and with the accuracy in the “Sinzu money” roles, you might be tempted to think that Lasisi is or was once a yahoo boy.

Williams Uchemba

Williams Uchemba is a popular Nigerian actor, producer, director, comedian, television personality and an entrepreneur.

His monologuing leaves everyone in tears of laughter, killing it every time with his #idontlikewhatihate trend and his Igbo accent and mindset to everything.

Williams is currently based in the United States of America where he does most of his comedy skits with millions of followers on his Instagram handle.

Nedu Wazobia (Alhaji Musa)

Chinedu Ani Emmanuel aka Nedu Wazobia or Alhaji Musa is a Nigerian on-air personality, broadcast journalist, TV presenter, actor, comedian and content creator. He is famous for adding a unique spin to his pidgin rendition of the daily news on popular radio station Wazobia FM 94.1 Lagos.

Nedu’s name and face are synonymous with comedic content on the internet. He is known for his hilarious alter ego personalities, switching Southern and Northern accents to create comedy skits while playing the role of Sister Nkechi, Alhaji Musa, EndTime Landlord and Officer Jato, which has given him a massive following all over social media.


There is a weird subgenre in the Nigerian Instagram Comedy scene. It is the cross-dressing comedian and Josh is one of the leading proponents of it. For some reason, these group of comedians believe dressing like the opposite sex is a hilarious element. 

Well, if their popularity is anything to go, they might be right. If people find a grown man dressing up in a green native dress with a scarf hilarious, who are we to judge? Josh Alfred who is popularly known as Josh2Funny will make you laugh your sorrows away. 

His page is ladened with skits of cross-dressed comedy skits where he plays the role of Mama Felicia with his partner Bellokreb and also hilarious covers to songs. He recently unlocked a new character, Resurrection Power, who releases hilarious and gospel inclined covers of popular songs.

Whenever he gets serious and ready to serve advice and life lessons, don’t get fooled because, in the end, it’s always another funny and senseless video.


Gloria Oloruntobi’s rise to the summit of social media entertainment is one worthy of study. Her act is one of the most wholesome acts among Instagram comedians. Unlike many other trending comedians who work with other characters or content creators, Maraji does Solo and hardly collaborates, but single-handedly serves high-quality comedy videos, keeping the fire burning with her skits that are so relatable!

Practically anyone who has spent more than 10 minutes in the country can relate with her act. Her creativity further solidifies her as the best among her peers. Maraji is a multi-accent Nigerian artist, she started making videos on Instagram in 2016.

Oh, and did we tell you that she can mimic ANYBODY?


Apaokagi Maryam also known as Taaooma delved into comedy in order to sharpen and explore her video editing skills. What started for her as hobby is now a full-time career, despite the cliche comedy skits that other comedians keep dishing out, Taaooma still manages to keep serving unique videos. With her tiny voice as Tao, the experiences with her mum form the crux of her videos, which portrays the relationship between most African parents and their kids.

Mr Macaroni

As a content creator, having a signature phrase or dress style can help in standing out in a very competitive niche as the comedy industry, and this is one thing that MrMacaroni utilized and has since grown to become one of the top trending comedians in 2020. 

His signature phrases “You are doing well”, “Ooin”, “Fantabulous” and signature dress have helped him grow his fan base and stand out of the numerous artists.

He is always that guy who can’t help himself when he comes across a beautiful or sexy lady. Playing the role of a Sugar Daddy that always ends in tears.


Michael Sani Amanesi who always puts on a white shirt and tie acting as a jobless lawyer became popular through his funny skits, addressing the current situation of things in Nigeria.The graduate of Law came into the limelight after his skit where the interviewer asked him if he could burn all his certificates for 5million dollars went viral. In his skits, he puts on a white shirt and black tie hence portrays himself as a Lawyer or that classic Nigerian who gets dressed every morning and heads out to his daily hustle.

He has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram, and this has shown that he has more hits.